surface modification and functionalization

Functionalization, enhancement and modification of catalyst material surfaces is achieved via MeV electron irradiation, plasma and UV-radiation treatment, as well as through chemical routes.

electrochemical energy applications

Prototype devices are assembled in house and the electrochemical performance is measured in a purpose build test station. Simple, controlled structures are evaluated for fundamental insight, as well as high performance, 3-dimensional nanostructures.



Volkswagen Foundation Grant
New project and coordinator for consortium with the aim to develop new solid state ion conductors as fuel cell electrolytes
New bachelor student
Welcoming new bachelor student Elias Büche to the group for a collaborative project with Prof. R. Gläser, University of Leipzig
New master student
Welcoming new master student Daniel Krötschel to the group
Congratulation to Patricia Schulze for successfully defending her Master Thesis
High resolution spectroscopy on metal-carbon composite electrocatalysts for solid acid fuel cells
First IOM-KAIST workshop
First workshop at Prof. WooChul Jung's group at KAIST in Daejeon, Korea, with participating students F. Lohmann, O. Naumov and M. Wagner and meeting at Prof. Joon Shim's group at Korea University in Seoul
Stiftung Industrieforschung / Industrial Research Foundation
Congratulating Patricia Schulze for her fellowship from the "Stiftung Industrieforschung"
new master student
Welcoming master student Shreya Nandi to the group
Co-hosting Prof. Richard Flagan, Caltech, pasadena
Prof. Flagan presents exciting lecture on "Airborne nanoparticle measurements for health and new particle formation studies". Co-hosting with Prof. Wiedensohler and Prof. Herrmann, TROPOS
Hosting prof. Sossina haile, Northwestern university, chicago
Prof. Haile gives a very interesting talk on proton transport in superprotonic solid acids
orpheus, international physics olympiad seminar
Aron Varga is organizer of nationwide preparation seminar for the international physics olympiad
new master student
Welcoming master student Patricia Schulze to the group
ESF Saxony Fellowship
Congratulations to Maximilian Wagner for his prestigious three year PhD fellowship!
Congratulations to Maximilian Wagner for SUccessfully defending his master thesis
Higher efficiency with lower Pt loading: A systematic study of nanporous solid acid fuel cell electrodes
Girls day
Outreach activities lead by Olga Naumov and Felix Lohmnann
Hosting Dr. Vadim Grebenev, Institute of Crystallography, Russian Academy of SCience
Dr. Grebenev gives an excellent talk on "Proton Conduction Mechanism in Some Solid Acid Compounds"
New instrument: PEEM and Kelvin probe
Successful installation and first measurements with PEEM and Kelvin Force Probe Microscopy
Invited lecture, Hungarian Academy of science
Aron Varga gives an invited talk at the Natural Science Center, Hungarian Academy of Science, Budapest, at the group of Dr. Nyikos Lajos
Invited lecture, university of halle
Aron Varga gives an invited talk at the University of Halle, in the group of Prof. Michael Bron
Deutsche Bundesstiftung Umwelt
Congratulations to Olga Naumov for receiving this prestigious three year fellowship
Invited lecture, University of ulm
Aron Varga gives an invited lecture and visits laboratories of Prof. Timo Jacob